Ginger talk
April 3, 2011

For my TEDGINGERtalk, I will explain how the rise of social media had changed the way we read and react to the news.


Trending now: Brigid Slattery gives a talk about the revolution social media has led to in the “news” industry.  Listen as Brigid explains how this wide-spread uncontrolled forum has changed the way we hear about the news.   The rise of consumer-driven content has gotten rid of the gate keepers; letting you decide what is “newsworthy”.


December 15, 2010

revised video
December 4, 2010

Hey y’all I revised my brothers rap video if anyone has a minute to look at it I’d really appreciate some feedback!!!! Thanks ❤

my ginger brother can rap!
November 1, 2010

Last night I somewhat finished my movie…and now I understand why Walter Murch has an editing room in his garage!  This project has been haunting me from the start.  Getting the footage was easy…but editing was by far the hardest part of any project I have ever encountered.  I found myself  editing at all hours of the day, and when I wasn’t editing…I was thinking about editing.  I would go in to make one little change and next thing I know it’s 3 hours later!

My movie is about my little brother Sean, 19, who is currently a student at The University of Vermont.  Sean has always been musically talented he learned how to play guitar in middle school, then moved on to teach himself how to slap the bass, keyboard, and drums.

Naturally, his musical talent led him into song writing.  When he was in highschool he met his best friend Andrew Kozak (a.k.a. Krayon Koz), which is how he got into the rap game.  They began writing songs together, coming up with their own rap lyrics, and battling each other.  Krayon Koz still works on his raps today, in fact his first album is due out soon.  Sean however moved to Vermont to attend school and  he has been laying low since the battles.  I made a video which tells the story of the rap battles, it is still a work in progress because I don’t love the flow of it yet.