Ginger talk
April 3, 2011

For my TEDGINGERtalk, I will explain how the rise of social media had changed the way we read and react to the news.


Trending now: Brigid Slattery gives a talk about the revolution social media has led to in the “news” industry.  Listen as Brigid explains how this wide-spread uncontrolled forum has changed the way we hear about the news.   The rise of consumer-driven content has gotten rid of the gate keepers; letting you decide what is “newsworthy”.


Inspired ginger…
April 1, 2011

I have been so busy this past month…being in Policy while looking for a job is so time and mind consuming! 

Wednesday I got the chance to meet with Stanford Thompson again- this time I got to watch the kids of Tune Up Philly play their instruments.  It was so incredible to see how fast the children could learn something new- for example I saw the 2nd grade violinists who at the beginning of the class could not play the scale backwards – 30 minutes later they could play the scale backwards with ease. 

I have been so inspired working with Stanford Thompson and learning about Tune Up Philly.  The two most amazing things to me about this whole thing is that

  1. These kids picked up their first instrument in October and they play beautifully

2. Stanford Thompson is only 24 years old!

This whole experience has inspired me and as I was driving back through West Philadelphia to get back to school I thought of something I can do.

In one of my classes we began talking about “urban food deserts” which is an urban area where it is hard to find fresh foods.  Instead of supermarkets there is a surplus of fast-food establishments.  In 1996, a British Low Income Project Team defined food deserts as “areas of relative exclusion where people experience physical and economic barriers to accessing healthy foods” (Reising and Hobbiss, 2000). 

I came up with this idea of opening up cooking classes in these “food deserts” to teach people how to cook low-cost healthy meals that they can provide to their family.  I don;t know if anyone has started a program similar to this but I wish I went to culinary school or something of that sort because I think this would be such a great program!  I spoke with my roommate about it because she is in food marketing and I think we may look into it in a few years after we’ve gotten more experience!  We shall see….

Re-draft! Already??!?
March 17, 2011

Okay so I already re-drafted this rough draft…I took out the “philly” intro and changed the music during the interview.  It was a classical violin which sounded too sad, almost mockingly sad.  Now it’s a more soothing and calm classical mix.  The quality of the video was compromised and some of the transitions were thrown off when it was uploaded to YouTube so don’t hold that against me!

Tune Up Philly
March 15, 2011

I interviewed Stanford Thompson, founder of Tune Up Philly, a week ago. It was such a wonderful interview, he had such a great point of view and I am so inspired by what he is doing.

Stanford Thompson is the founder of Tune Up Philly believes that music can help children “acquire valuable tools for cooperative learning, teamwork, academic success and self-esteem”. In my interview Stanford and I discussed what inspired Tune Up Philly, El Sistema. El Sistema is Venezuela’s youth orchestra which is a federally funded government program that allows children of all ages to practice their instruments of choice in hopes to teach children responsibility, self-esteem, and build character.

I had an hour of footage and compiled it down to a few minutes. I included all o my favorite quotes but I’M not sure how I feel about the music and the flow if the short. I need to add some footage and b-roll of students and things of that nature but hopefully it will all turn out well after my next visit to the school.

Anyway…I hope you weren’t turned away by my blah description…here is my ROUGH DRAFT

ATTN: Young Professionals
February 14, 2011

The Philly Ad Club is hosting a networking night for young professionals…don’t be fooled by the happy hour context of this event.  Remember to be professional!

Use this event to network and socialize with young professionals in the Marketing, Communications, and Advertising field!  RSVP at

how this ginger spent winter break
January 12, 2011

This break has been insanely busy! I finished out the semester with some decent grades…A-, A-, B+, B+, and a C. I was upset with the C especially because it was in a GER theology class.
After finals I came home and worked almost every single day at PJ Finnegan’s. Its good though because I got to make back a lot of the money I spent on christmas shopping!
I was only home for about 10 days which was a bummer because I did not get a chance to see my friends. Plus we had a blizzard the day after christmas and everyone was stranded at home for 2 days!
I flew out to Chicago on Dec 30th in order to spend my first new years eve with my boyfriend Jack.

Although we have been dating for over a year and a half…I have not met very many of his friends because he is from Chicago and we go to school in Philadelphia. So this New Years I met a lot of his friends which was really fun! We spent the beginning of the night in a part of the city called Wrigleyville because it is centered around Wrigley stadium home of the Chicago Cubs! As the night progressed we walked down the block to a few bars which was fun because it was also my first New Years since I turned 21!
At the bar I met up with one of Jacks friends, Robyn. We started talking and she told me that she works for one of the biggest online marketing firms, iprospect. Long story short she invited me to come visit her office and meet some of her co-workers, specifically the head or HR.
On Monday I visited Robyn at her office on Michigan Ave. It was the coolest office I’ve ever been too! She told me that iprospect is striving to become “one of the best companies to work for” so everything in the office was geared toward the employees. The head of human resources told me to keep in touch and to definitely reach out to her in march and pass along my resume. I am so excited to see how this turns out!

After my Chicago adventure, Jack and I went up to his vacation home in northern Wisconsin.  It was so cold there!  I took these pictures of the scenery, it was so serene!  We went skiing, I snowboard which was so much fun because I haven’t gone snowboarding in 2 years!  But my favorite part of the trip was right before we left, we took a walk on the lake because it was frozen!  It was a lot of fun we had a snowball fight.




I saw this coaster at a bar we went to when we watched the Bears game.  I found it hilarious it’s like that Kesha song “Your Love Is My Drug”.

September 23, 2010

Today after watching this video, I started thinking about what I could redesign.  I brainstormed everything from street signs, to brands, to baseball team logos.  Finally as I sat down to watch TV I realized that I could redesign the logo of my favorite show, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, for the first season they had a logo that was the Philadelphia skyline pained yellow and it read “it’s always sunny in philadelphia”

Since then, the logos have been all over the place.  The characters on the show have been depicted as cow droppings and babies…none of which relates to the show…I decided to redesign their original season one logo…



I’m not sure how I feel about it, it doesn’t represent the show like their other ones, but at least the title makes sense now! Let me know what you think…

fast ginger
September 22, 2010

This Sunday I ran the Philly half marathon, which was amazing!  I haven’t been training too hard the furthest I’ve run in my training was 8 1/2 miles…and the night before I went to a BYOB with my parents…needless to say I wasn’t in “top shape” for my race.

The course started on the parkway and went down market street, through city hall, china town, and then around the schuylkill, finally ending the 13.1 miles at the art museum!  I wore a SJU shirt and got lots of support from fellow students which was incredible and really helped!

I didn’t take any of these pictures obviously because I was running but I thought they’d be fun to share anyway!

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