ginger is exploring global ethics….
January 30, 2011

Although it is not the most reliable source, Wikipedia reports “global ethics” in the words of Dr. Hans Küng as…

“an interfaith declaration, which draws on many of the world’s religious and spiritual traditions, the declaration identifies four essential affirmations as shared principles essential to a global ethic.

  1. Commitment to a culture of non-violence and respect for life
  2. Commitment to a culture of solidarity and a just economic order
  3. Commitment to a culture of tolerance and a life of truthfulness
  4. Commitment to a culture of equal rights and partnership between men and women

This Declaration established a common ground for people of faith to agree and to cooperate for the good of all.”


Gordon Brown discussed the idea of how we can use social media to address certain global ethics.  Brown brought up the notion that we can use the widely available communication platforms to help the world during crisis in real-time.  This was evident in the Haiti incident, when the earthquake hit Haiti earlier this year the various forms of instant communication were more evident than ever.   Concerned citizens were urged to text in to donate money to relief efforts in Haiti.


I know that we could use these forms of instant communication to better the world.  This interconnected-ness gives way to an extreme form of globalization and we can use this to leverage our resources to help the greater good.