A long hot summer
September 24, 2011

After graduation, I decided to move to Chicago.  I set up several interviews and decided to just go and try my luck out here.

I went on a few interviews and had no luck.  I applied to every job I could find on linked in (that matched my skill set).  When nothing came of that I decided to log onto Advertising Red Books and look up every advertising/marketing/communications/PR agency in Chicago. After looking through this LONG list…I made a list of about 25 small to mid-sized agencies I would love to work for.  I began reaching out to each of these agencies introducing myself and asking if they are looking for anyone at this moment.

I didn’t here back until anyone until July…

So in the mean time….I spent my summer up at my boyfriends lake house. I spent my days running in the woods and around the lake, out on the boat, attempting to learn how to wakeboard, reading really great books, and meeting a lot of Jack’s extended family.

[sunset at the lake house]

In July I heard from a small family run advertising agency – that specializes in the pet industry. They decided to bring me on part-time to manage their clients social media.  I absolutely loved it!   I mean what’s not to love?

  • I got start my career in advertising
  • Create social media plans
  • Find content – which usually meant surfing the web & youtube for adorable photo’s/video of cats and dogs!  It was great!


Then at the end of August I got a call from my friend Zach, who told me his company was hiring part-time.  So I went in for my interview and training and was able to work about 20 hours a week at night.  It was a really great opportunity for me.  I worked at nights as a community manager and it really has taught me a lot.


Now…onto the best news yet! Remember how I said I contacted those ad agencies using Red Books?  I heard back from one (that I REALLY liked) in September.  They had me come in for a few interviews and decided to hire me full-time as their Account Management & Social Media Intern.  Although I wasn’t thrilled about being an “intern” I accepted the offer and began working full-time (in addition to still working nights and weekends as a community manager.)


All in all it has finally come together…I’ll admit I was worried for a while!  I started to think no matter what I did, how many times I tweaked my resume, or cover letters I sent out, or networking I did…I wouldn’t find that great opportunity.  Finally, after a long, nerve wrecking, summer I have found it.

Now that everything has all fallen into place I feel great!  I am really glad I moved to Chicago…(although I do miss my family and friends on the east coast).  It’s been a great experience and it just really makes me think that everything happens for a reason…I decided to move to Chicago on a whim and it has turned out to be amazing.




how this ginger spent winter break
January 12, 2011

This break has been insanely busy! I finished out the semester with some decent grades…A-, A-, B+, B+, and a C. I was upset with the C especially because it was in a GER theology class.
After finals I came home and worked almost every single day at PJ Finnegan’s. Its good though because I got to make back a lot of the money I spent on christmas shopping!
I was only home for about 10 days which was a bummer because I did not get a chance to see my friends. Plus we had a blizzard the day after christmas and everyone was stranded at home for 2 days!
I flew out to Chicago on Dec 30th in order to spend my first new years eve with my boyfriend Jack.

Although we have been dating for over a year and a half…I have not met very many of his friends because he is from Chicago and we go to school in Philadelphia. So this New Years I met a lot of his friends which was really fun! We spent the beginning of the night in a part of the city called Wrigleyville because it is centered around Wrigley stadium home of the Chicago Cubs! As the night progressed we walked down the block to a few bars which was fun because it was also my first New Years since I turned 21!
At the bar I met up with one of Jacks friends, Robyn. We started talking and she told me that she works for one of the biggest online marketing firms, iprospect. Long story short she invited me to come visit her office and meet some of her co-workers, specifically the head or HR.
On Monday I visited Robyn at her office on Michigan Ave. It was the coolest office I’ve ever been too! She told me that iprospect is striving to become “one of the best companies to work for” so everything in the office was geared toward the employees. The head of human resources told me to keep in touch and to definitely reach out to her in march and pass along my resume. I am so excited to see how this turns out!

After my Chicago adventure, Jack and I went up to his vacation home in northern Wisconsin.  It was so cold there!  I took these pictures of the scenery, it was so serene!  We went skiing, I snowboard which was so much fun because I haven’t gone snowboarding in 2 years!  But my favorite part of the trip was right before we left, we took a walk on the lake because it was frozen!  It was a lot of fun we had a snowball fight.




I saw this coaster at a bar we went to when we watched the Bears game.  I found it hilarious it’s like that Kesha song “Your Love Is My Drug”.