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What is “digital darwinism”? How to survive…
July 6, 2011

I am currently reading “Six Pixels of Separation” by Mitch Joel. The book was written for entrepreneurs to help them leverage social media but has some great insights to blogging and building a community.

One of the chapters is called “Digital Darwinism”, Digital Darwinism refers to the new rise of digital channels companies, brands, marketers, and advertisers are using to reach their audience. The “Darwinism” effect is taking place in this competitive environment as certain companies excel in these channels. They connect better, they have more followers, they are trusted, they engage with the listeners. You can clearly see who the leaders are…you can tell who blogs just to have a blog…and who blogs out of passion. Just like you can tell what is a sincere post and what is forced.

As corporate America sees the need for social media marketing rising companies are starting to create blogs, twitter accounts, Facebook pages etc. Although they are very late to the game…some are also being seen as insincere and not keeping up with their practices. Digital Darwinism is Mitch Joel’s prediction for the future of these companies who are not embracing social media and/or being insincere. He suspects that these companies will not survive and get eaten up by the bigger companies who have embraced social media long before it was seen as a marketing necessity.

I really liked this idea because I whole-heartedly agree with what Mr. Joel had to say and I believe it will become evident in the next few years (if it even takes that long!). We are starting to see it happen with advertising agencies now…what started off as a specialty (digital advertising) has become the norm. I belief that Digital Darwinism will follow this same path and companies that don’t take advantage of these social media tools will not survive.