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December 18, 2010

Brigid Slattery’s Portfolio


I couldn’t figure out how to add in powerpoints so if anyone knows how could you please tell me!


ginger job search
December 16, 2010

As a senior, I have been looking at a lot of jobs! I am still trying to figure out exactly what I want to do.  I found a really awesome

company that I would love to work for though! The company is called Razorfish some of its clients are TED, William Sonoma, Mercedes, Coors, Red Bull, The New York Times, and a lot more!!  This is a huge interactive marketing company but I am particularly interested in the Emerging Media and Social Influence Marketing sectors.

I am very lucky to have met the SVP of Razorfish Health here in Philadelphia through one of my classes here at Saint Joseph’s University.  I have been keeping in touch with her through emails and LinkedIn, the other day I sent her this cover letter with my resume.

I have been looking at jobs

  • in Philadelphia because I would love to stay in Philly
  • in New York City, I don’t love the city but it is 20 minutes away from my house in NJ and most of my family lives in the city.
  • in Chicago because that is where my boyfriend is from and he’s looking at a lot of places out there.

For those who do not know, 80% of the job market is hidden, meaning a lot of companies do not advertise certain jobs because they want people to show a genuine interest in the company, or they use head hunters to fill positions.  In my searching I have found that Philadelphia and New York have very few jobs listed for entry-level applicants.  Most of the jobs I found that match my skill/experience level were in Chicago.




Social Media Account Manager: Use social media to push clients campaigns, engage consumers, and start genuine conversation to increase brand loyalty and the spread of word of mouth.  Another important of this job is the ability to identify key influencers in blogs and community discussion boards.

I like this job because on of the key responsibilities is to provide day-to-day supervision and execution of client campaigns including social media channel and community management, content creation, digital public relations, promotions, partnerships, blogger and influencer outreach initiatives, online events, etc.  I like that it offers a wide variety of responsibilities because I love to stay busy and juggle many different projects at a time, which I know I am good at that because of all my restaurant experience.




Digitas—one of the world’s leading digital marketing and media companies—is at the forefront of the new digital age.  Digitas creates brand experiences in digital and direct channels that engage and excite their customers.

Associate Media Planner: This job has 4 main aspects media planning, media buying, implementation, and maintenance.

  • Media Planning- Support team by gathering and organizing information during the Channel/Media Strategy Stage; Contact sales representatives for media kits, rates, and other information which may be needed during the strategy stage, organize sales data into presentation format.
  • Media Buying- Support team by gathering and organizing information during the Media Buying Stage; manage contact list, organize proposal data into a presentation format for clients.
  • Implementation- Assume full responsibility for the execution of the approved Media Buy.  Generate, send, confirm receipt and file insertion orders.  Organize all necessary creative spec data for creative, delivery management and/or production teams; work with peers in other departments on campaign development.  Manage the trafficking and implementation process of creative placements in market and resolve problems with external and internal resources.  Monitor campaign delivery.
  • Maintenance- Manage the campaign’s bill & pay process by opening purchase orders, approving invoices, reconciling payment and resolving all bill & pay problems.  Conduct research and help prepare special reports in response to Client or Account Management requests.  Maintain documentation of all media team’s campaign information (vendor contacts, media kits, presentations, etc.).  Update campaign documents when appropriate.
Manager of Interactive Marketing: Responsible for the preparation of the marketing related project deliverables during the design phase of an engagement and client/account management duties.
  • Retain Relationships and Existing Clients
  • Engagement Responsibilities
  • Experience in client management and marketing program development required.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and superior communication skills are essential.
  • The ability to address complex strategic marketing problems and propose viable solutions is necessary.
  • Must exhibit strong leadership ability and exercise good judgment and diplomacy.

Community/Social Media Manager: In this position the community manager will be the social voice and primary contact for the brand, they will help moderate and inspire communication and conversation 24/7 with customers in multi-channels (Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Flickr, YouTube, etc).  The community manager will bring value to the brand by allowing customers to personally interact with the brand.

  • identify and analyze issues, patterns, and trends in customer requests about products/services
  • monitor online conversations, participate in online conversation
  • analyze campaigns and make recommendations and plans for revising social media campaigns
  • establish credibility as a thought leader on new social media tools, best practices and how organizations using new tools, in order to gain rapid competitive advantage






Starcom is a media communications agency that specializes in making connections between consumers and brands.  Starcom helps marketers get the right consumers’ attention…at the right time, in the right place, with the right message.


Media Associate: Media represents the business side of the advertising industry – it manages and stewards the advertising investments for clients, ultimately working to connect the advertising messages with the consumer and move a client’s business forward.  Must be successful in strategy and activation.

  • Associates in Strategy teams create and present recommendations about when and where a client’s advertising dollars should be spent across a number of different places that consumers can connect with advertising content including but not limited to: television, magazines, internet, cell phones, digital, billboards on an expressway or in a sports stadium, and in-store opportunities.
  • Associates in Activation teams collaborate with Strategy teams and work with outside sales professionals to bring the advertising investment recommendations to life in the most effective and efficient way.

Success in both of these groups requires deep analytical skills, math proficiency, good consumer understanding, creativity, negotiation skills, attention to detail, ability to thrive in team settings, and a working knowledge in the use of spreadsheets. Bachelor’s degree required.



December 15, 2010

TEDxcomm class
December 10, 2010

The talks that were given in class these past few weeks have been very moving!

I found it cool that almost all of the talks referenced social media, it’s such a huge part of our life now!  I like that each person approached it in a different way.

Like Dave who tied it to companies using social media for marketing purposes. I found this very true and have noticed this myself, as a marketing major, I hate when I see a commercial and at the end it mentions where to find them on facebook/twitter.  I know it’s a popular form of media right now… but sometimes it doesn’t fit the brand.

Steve’s TED talk was so cute! I love the pictures and how he used a “love story” to show how the way we communicate has drastically changed.

Danielle’s talk about people’s facebook statuses was really funny!! I really enjoyed that one!  It’s so true! We don’t realize that what’s on the internet is PERMANENT and people who don’t really know us perceive us in terms of what they see on facebook.  For example, when I went to school I had all of these crazy statuses and pictures of me partying…and when I returned home someone at the restaurant I work in said something to me along the lines of “college has made you a party girl”…and it really made me think about what I do online.  Also, I am “friends” with a lot of my bosses and co-workers so I have stopped using inappropriate language and putting up immature pictures….or maybe I just grew up a little bit…haha

All in all it has been so amazing to hear everyone’s different views on different topics in the communications field.  Good job everyone!


I like to pretend I am an elf…
December 8, 2010

So every year I start off the same…by procrasting all of the end of the semester projects, papers, and exams.  Instead I watch Elf at least once a week…eat several bags of mint M&M’s, spend too much time online shopping, bake way too many cookies, decorate the apartment, and countdown the days until I see the Nutcracker in Lincoln Center.

Seeing the Nutcracker is my favorite thing to durring the holidays and I am sooo excited!  It is less two weeks away and I’ve got the Tchaikovsky’s soundtrack on repeat ❤ 

Here’s some tunes for y’all to get into the spirit of The NutcrackerRussian Dance

I’m so excited for Christmas to be here and New Years and all the good stuff that comes along with the holidays……in other words just that holiday cheer!


Remember…the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear 🙂

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

….maybe I’ll go start that paper now….

revised video
December 4, 2010

Hey y’all I revised my brothers rap video if anyone has a minute to look at it I’d really appreciate some feedback!!!! Thanks ❤