speaking of my favorite ginger…Rick Astley

After reading Presentation Zen: Simplifying the Data, I starting looking at lots of graphs and thinking of how I could create a graph that was useful!  I started at of course, gapminder, which incorporates national data with topics we may be interested in learning about.  This interactive graphs show each country over a time period, grow/shrink in population and GDP, for example I like the chart that showed the average age of a womans first marriage.  In 1900 the average woman got married at 22 with a household income of $8000, whereas in India the average woman was married at 13 where there was only a household income of $640.  By 2000, in the US household income was $39,500 and the average woman’s age was 25 at marriage, and in India the household income was almost $2000 and the average woman married at age 20.

Then I started to look at more humorous graphs in “Graph Out Loud!” I noticed that a lot of the graphs were about songs…and I almost feel off my chair when I noticed this one….

I love Rick Astley…or at least this song anyway…I just think he is soo funny….that huge deep voice coming from a little ginger boy!! ❤ LOVE IT!!!! Anyway…if you don’t know the song…or Rick Astley…you need to watch this!

Anyway…that’s enough about Rick Astley!!! I started to make my own pie chart using graphjam.  I decided to make one up about how my friends and I spend time on facebook…and it looks a little something like this!


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  1. I love this blog post. I love how you put a video explaining design and talked about gapminder. It was also very informative and creative how you gave an example of a graph and then also made your own. Great post!

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