Usability Test

Media Usage

– I have included lots of pictures on my first few blogs, pictures I have taken on my phone or digital camera, as well as pictures from the internet (Julie and Julia picture).  I have included links and citations to Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken” as the inspiration to my first photo-blog.


– The text is often a few sentences per paragraph, a little intimidating but I use lots of pictures to break it up and keep it aesthetically pleasing.


-I chose the design for my site because it was simple, I liked that the background was gray and the headers/footers are black  because it is a photography-driven blog I wanted to incorporate the grayscale in homage to traditional photography.  The picture along the top is a red sky, which I simple chose because red=ginger…ginger blog, you know!

-As for the text maybe it could be bigger or more broken up..or maybe I could use less words, although most of my entries seem to be shorter with lots of pictures

– I tried to fix the site navigation, but I am having trouble making different blogs entries show up on the other pages I dedicated for them (work and play)

– The purpose of my site is rediscovering my passion for photography, this blog isn’t so much about photo journalism as it is about me rediscovering my passion for photography and the creative arts.

– The blog does not look very professional, but I hope that throughout the semester I could tweak it to be more organized and professional


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