exploring ginger

Today in my communications class I was told to make a list of places I haven’t been to on campus and to visit them!

I decided to go discover the art building on campus…right away I noticed the large wooden artwork outside.  When I wandered around the side of the building I saw a sculpture garden.  I assumed that the collection was accumulated over the years because some of them were facing in different directions, made from different types of clay, and some were broken.

When I walked inside it was hard to miss the exhibit “Conviction of Vanity” displayed in the entrance.

There I saw a series of hot pink and orange flagging tape knitted and crocheted together in different patterns this was hanging down from the banisters along the stairs.

The next thing I saw in the “Conviction of Vanity” display looked like a distorted mirror and what looked like a squiggley design made from cloth or canvas….but when I got closer I saw it made of zippers sewn together sooo coool!!!

Once I finished soaking in all the exhibit, I walked upstairs and I noticed the painting rooms, there was paint all over the walls, floors, easels, EVERYWHERE!! I thought back to the classrooms in the business school that I had been used to…this was completely different!  It was completely unstructured…I was amazed at how different this ONE building on campus was from everywhere else.  Anyway I took some more pictures of what I saw enjoy!


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  1. haha I saw those heads freshman year at night and they completely fooled us as real people, it freaked me out. Sounds like you had a lot of fun exploring Boland! I agree that Mandaville is super boring in comparison, everything so white and square. you’ve inspired me to take a trip into the gallery for sure

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