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September 23, 2010

Today after watching this video, I started thinking about what I could redesign.  I brainstormed everything from street signs, to brands, to baseball team logos.  Finally as I sat down to watch TV I realized that I could redesign the logo of my favorite show, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, for the first season they had a logo that was the Philadelphia skyline pained yellow and it read “it’s always sunny in philadelphia”

Since then, the logos have been all over the place.  The characters on the show have been depicted as cow droppings and babies…none of which relates to the show…I decided to redesign their original season one logo…



I’m not sure how I feel about it, it doesn’t represent the show like their other ones, but at least the title makes sense now! Let me know what you think…


fast ginger
September 22, 2010

This Sunday I ran the Philly half marathon, which was amazing!  I haven’t been training too hard the furthest I’ve run in my training was 8 1/2 miles…and the night before I went to a BYOB with my parents…needless to say I wasn’t in “top shape” for my race.

The course started on the parkway and went down market street, through city hall, china town, and then around the schuylkill, finally ending the 13.1 miles at the art museum!  I wore a SJU shirt and got lots of support from fellow students which was incredible and really helped!

I didn’t take any of these pictures obviously because I was running but I thought they’d be fun to share anyway!

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September 16, 2010

Usability Test

Media Usage

– I have included lots of pictures on my first few blogs, pictures I have taken on my phone or digital camera, as well as pictures from the internet (Julie and Julia picture).  I have included links and citations to Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken” as the inspiration to my first photo-blog.


– The text is often a few sentences per paragraph, a little intimidating but I use lots of pictures to break it up and keep it aesthetically pleasing.


-I chose the design for my site because it was simple, I liked that the background was gray and the headers/footers are black  because it is a photography-driven blog I wanted to incorporate the grayscale in homage to traditional photography.  The picture along the top is a red sky, which I simple chose because red=ginger…ginger blog, you know!

-As for the text maybe it could be bigger or more broken up..or maybe I could use less words, although most of my entries seem to be shorter with lots of pictures

– I tried to fix the site navigation, but I am having trouble making different blogs entries show up on the other pages I dedicated for them (work and play)

– The purpose of my site is rediscovering my passion for photography, this blog isn’t so much about photo journalism as it is about me rediscovering my passion for photography and the creative arts.

– The blog does not look very professional, but I hope that throughout the semester I could tweak it to be more organized and professional

exploring ginger
September 16, 2010

Today in my communications class I was told to make a list of places I haven’t been to on campus and to visit them!

I decided to go discover the art building on campus…right away I noticed the large wooden artwork outside.  When I wandered around the side of the building I saw a sculpture garden.  I assumed that the collection was accumulated over the years because some of them were facing in different directions, made from different types of clay, and some were broken.

When I walked inside it was hard to miss the exhibit “Conviction of Vanity” displayed in the entrance.

There I saw a series of hot pink and orange flagging tape knitted and crocheted together in different patterns this was hanging down from the banisters along the stairs.

The next thing I saw in the “Conviction of Vanity” display looked like a distorted mirror and what looked like a squiggley design made from cloth or canvas….but when I got closer I saw it made of zippers sewn together sooo coool!!!

Once I finished soaking in all the exhibit, I walked upstairs and I noticed the painting rooms, there was paint all over the walls, floors, easels, EVERYWHERE!! I thought back to the classrooms in the business school that I had been used to…this was completely different!  It was completely unstructured…I was amazed at how different this ONE building on campus was from everywhere else.  Anyway I took some more pictures of what I saw enjoy!

September 12, 2010

This blog is for class as well as leisurely blogging, I decided to make this a section where all of my class assigned blogs can go without disrupting the rest of my blog.

a ginger walk
September 11, 2010

So when I went for a run a few days ago I discovered a beautiful little park which I thought would be a lovely little place to find my inspiration.  I started snapping pictures with my Sony Cybershot digital camera, nothing fancy, and I vowed not to look at them until I got back to my computer…I am very surprised at how they came out.

The first picture I took was one I’ve always wanted to capture in honor of one of my favorite poems, let’s see if you can guess…

I read the poem, “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost, for the first time in my 7th grade English class, since then it had stuck with me, haunting me, inspiring me.  Needless to say when I began my photography classes in high school I looked for “two roads diverged in a yellow wood” so I thought this was a perfect place to pick up and start shooting again.

I took about 30 or so pictures and it felt great, I can’t wait to get back out there! Here are some of the rest!

There are more but maybe I’ll post them tomorrow, I don’t want to overwhelm anyone with 30 pictures all at once!

a ginger’s first blog
September 3, 2010

Julie & Julia

Image via Wikipedia

This is my first blog…I don’t really know what to say here it’s been a very long day! I looked at a few other blogs to get some ideas and spent an hour looking at themes.  I’m trying this theme out now…I  don’t even remember what it’s called.  My next challenge is figuring out what I should dedicate my blog to.  I was thinking something along the lines of “Julie and Julia” where I try to conquer something new every day…well maybe not every day…once a week?  Or I was thinking of rediscovering an old passion to spark my creativity such as photography or painting…we’ll see where it takes me!